DIY Halloween Costumes

If you are a last-minute Halloween planner or want to save money and time this year, you may be looking for a Halloween costume that you can easily put together yourself. These costumes are cheap or free and can be quickly made with items you may already have around the house.

Punny costumes

If you have a corny sense of humor and are prepared for some groans when you explain your costume, these are perfect for you:

  • A black-eyed pea: get some face paint or liquid eyeliner to blacken your eye, slap a P on your shirt, and you’re a tasty legume. If you find a costumed Fergie, you could alternatively be a member of the “Pump It” band.
  • A blessing in disguise: if you have any silly-looking disguises (think: obviously fake nose and big glasses), or a ski mask, slap a nametag on that identifies you as a “blessing,” and you can be a “blessing in disguise”.
  • Party animals: find an animal mask, headband, or hat, then put on your favorite party dress, and you have a complete Halloween costume. This is great for a group costume - the more animals, the more people will understand the pun.
  • Breadwinner: with all the couponing you’ve been doing, you might be the new breadwinner in your house! Show off your title with a gold ribbon around your neck (or some string and tin foil for a silver ribbon) and a bag of bread in your arms. Plus, if you get hungry, you already have a snack!
  • Fifty shades of gray: you may not have these already at home, but a quick trip to the hardware store will help you with this one. Grab several colors of gray in the free paint sample aisle, and tape them on. You don’t need 50 for people to get the point.
  • Green with envy: a perfect couples costume, one partner dresses in green, and the other writes “envy” on a shirt or a nametag. The other couples will be green in envy about how easy your costume was to make!
  • Life: perfect for 2020, walk around, handing people lemons. They’ll get the point of who you are supposed to be pretty quickly!
  • Smartypants: do you have some extra Halloween candy lying around? Grab some smarties and tape them to your jeans because a cheap and easy costume is definitely a smart decision.

Costumes from your own clothes

No assembly required; just create an outfit from your closet:

  • Lumberjack: flannel, jeans, beanie hats, and work boots. Bonus if you carry some wood around with you all evening (but we don’t recommend it).
  • 50s Greaser/T-Bird: for the men who need a low-effort costume: cuff those jeans, add sneakers and a white t-shirt, and you’re good to go. For slightly more effort, you can slick your hair back and add a leather jacket.
  • Where’s Waldo: a red and white striped shirt, red hat, and glasses make up an easy costume that will help you stand out in a crowd.
  • Mean Girls: another great group costume is the ensemble from the movie Mean Girls. Four of you dress in your Wednesday pinks (no jeans or track pants unless it’s Friday!). An easy Damien costume is dark glasses, and a blue hoodie with the hood pulled tight. For Janice, you need oversized clothes, an artsy updo, and a scowl. Your group will be so fetch!
  • Rosie the Riveter: ladies, grab a denim long-sleeved shirt, roll it up, and tie a red bandana around your head. Now you have an excuse to flex those guns all night and give inspirational pep talks. We can do it!
  • Nerd: put some tape on the nose of your glasses and grab your suspenders. You’re not a nerd for saving money, but you’ll look like one in an instant with this costume.
  • The Bachelorette: do you have a sparkly cocktail dress you’ve been dying to pull out? Put it on and grab a rose; you’re the next Bachelorette.

Couples or Mommy and Me Costumes

Going to a party with your boo or your baby? Try these simple outfits for a duo:

  • Men in Black: now a gender-neutral outfit, thanks to the 2019 sequel. Just like the theme says: black suit and black ray bans. This would be cute with two adults or a mini (wo)man in black!
  • Chip and Joanna Gaines: Chip should get a tool belt and a baseball hat. Joanna wears a fashionable tee with jeans. Each of you gets a half of a picture of a house with the words “Fixer Upper”. Get ready for your big reveal!
  • Forrest Gump and Jenny: A plaid shirt, red baseball hat, and a box of chocolates make a great Forrest Gump. Jenny needs a flowy boho chic dress, with a flower crown for the best effect.
  • Ketchup and mustard: One wears red, the other yellow, both get party hats in the correct color - easy and delicious!
  • Betty and Veronica: for a blonde and brunette duo, you can either take your inspo from the comic strip or Riverdale. Matching yellow softball tees give a classic Riverdale look. For a comic strip look, Veronica should wear her hair down, while Betty’s should be in a high pony.
  • Emojis: wear black leotards with bunny ears for the twins emoji, or pick your individual emojis. This outfit is good for a group too! Are you feeling red dancing lady or Saturday Night Fever man? *Hmm emoji*

The Least Effort Possible

Really not feeling it this year? Here are the lowest possible effort costumes

  • Ghost: take an old sheet and add holes for your eyes. It’s the oldest costume in the book.
  • Nudist on strike: simply wear your usual clothes. You’ll probably get a few eye rolls, but you will have saved yourself the time and money that most people spent on theirs.

Hopefully, these ideas will at least get you started on your way to a budget-friendly Halloween costume.