Where to find coupons

You’re ready to begin couponing, but you may not know where to begin. Where do you even find coupons to start couponing? Don’t worry! We have your list of where to find coupons to help you save money on your everyday items.

In your house, mailbox, or neighborhood

You may not have to go outside of your neighborhood, or even past your mailbox, to find the coupons you need!

1. Direct mailers from grocery stores

You might be able to find coupons in your mailbox. Grocery stores in your area may send you direct mailers, complete with daily deals and clippable coupons. Before you toss out what you think is junk mail, make sure to comb through it for these mailers.

2. Magazine inserts

Speaking of “junk” mail, take a few minutes to leaf through any magazines you receive before throwing them away. There might be coupons inserted into the print ads.

3. Newspapers

Newspapers are rife with coupons, especially on Sundays. It’s worth your time to flip through the inserts to find some coupons for your weekly shopping list. If you don’t receive a newspaper, you can try coffee shops, libraries, or doctors’ offices later on Sunday or Monday morning to find discarded newspapers.

4. Product packaging

If you commonly buy the same products week in and week out, check the packaging for coupons. Many boxed goods, like cereal or snack products, have coupons on the boxes for the same or similar items.

5. Product samples

If you receive a product sample from a manufacturer and you want to buy more of it, check the packaging that the sample came in - it likely houses coupons for more of the product.

At the store itself You’re already going to the store to buy the items; how convenient is it that there are coupons there as well!

6. In-store flier

When you enter the store, check the kiosks near the baskets. Many stores keep fliers there that explain the week’s deals. These also contain coupons, so grab one and check if any fit your needs.

7. Product Peelies or Hangtags

Some products have peel-off stickers or hangtags that allow you to redeem a coupon instantly. If you don’t have a brand preference, check the aisle for the product you need, in case there are any products with these peelies or hangtags.

8. Coupon dispensers in the aisles

While you’re walking down the aisles, do a quick scan for coupon dispensers. Some stores place them on the shelves near the products for additional savings opportunities.

9. Product samples and coupons

If the store has a kiosk for free samples, check it out! Not only can you try a new product for free, but also, if you like it, the store will likely have coupons available for the purchase of the product.

10. Store loyalty cards

While not a coupon per se, it is worth mentioning that you should have a store loyalty card for the places where you frequently shop. You are almost guaranteed to get savings on at least a few items every visit.

11. Catalina coupons

Catalina coupons are those that print out from a small register next to the checkout stand. Depending on what kind of products you purchase, the machine will pick out coupons for you and print them automatically. Not all stores have Catalina coupon machines, however. You may find one at places like Albertsons, Fred Meyer, Harris Teeter, Kroger, Rite Aid, Safeway, and Walgreens.

12. Receipt

Check your receipt when you’ve finished shopping. You may just find coupons for your next visit. Many stores, most notably CVS, print coupons on the bottom or back of your receipt, personalized to your buying history.

Want to find coupons from the comfort of your couch? There are several ways to find coupons online for your shopping needs

13. Sign up for newsletter or text alerts from your favorite grocery store

Usually, when you sign up for a loyalty card, you’ll have the option to sign up for email or text alerts from the store. These are great ways to get coupons. They even may be personalized to your interests, based on your buying history.

14. Sign up for manufacturer coupons

Similar to the grocery newsletter, manufacturers send newsletters or text alerts with regular coupons. Sign up for these alerts to make sure you’re getting all of the coupons available.

15. Check the grocer’s website

If you don’t receive the grocery store newsletter, or want to make sure you’re getting all the right deals, check the grocery store’s website for the coupons you need. You can likely download the coupons to your phone via an app or other method, so you have easy access when it’s time to check out.

16. Contact the manufacturer

This is a little more work, but it may be worth it. Many manufacturers will send customers valuable coupons, but the customer has to ask to receive it. The manufacturer’s contact information can usually be found on the product or another coupon. If you buy a particular brand frequently, it might be worth a shot!

17. Take advantage of grocery delivery first-time deals

If you’re new to grocery delivery, check whether the website has a deal for first-time buyers. You can often get a percentage or dollar amount off of your order for merely being new. Even if you’re not new, the delivery service may have a referral service. You can help your friends get food delivered conveniently while also saving yourself some money.

18. Amazon coupons

We can’t mention online deals without bringing up the retail giant. Amazon will feature some coupons just for you or daily deals that you might like. These will appear conveniently right on your homepage. Amazon also will display coupons on individual product pages, between the price and the product options. Check it out and see what discounts you can get!

Now that you know several places and ways to find coupons, you’re ready to start saving money on groceries and more.