Secret Weapons of Extreme Couponers that you can use too

Extreme couponers are people obsessed with buying at a discounted price. They are mostly impulse buyers, who don’t aim to obtain goods or services because those are necessary but to satisfy the addiction. Although their motives are questionable, the tactics they use are the smartest in every possible way. Let’s see how they nurture all available discount opportunities using both online and offline methods.

You have numerous ways to catch savings through coupons, discounts, cashback services. The best method to nurture these opportunities is to start with preparations. Create your own wishlist or shopping list to avoid falling in the luring trap of impulse buying. When you gathered all products and services you definitely need - what 24 hours.

Yes, there are many well-timed discounts on the web that try to use ‘fear of missing out’ against you to score an insta-buy. Waiting an extra day is for your own sake to shake off the chains of marketing tactics and think with a fully sober mind. Ask yourself: “do I really need this?” If the answer is a no, you just saved time and money for yourself. However, if the answer is still a firm yes, then you can opt-in for the below.

Online options

Amazon app: As the largest e-commerce player, Amazon has the best mobile user experience for shopping. Coupons here are called discount code, which you can acquire through online giveaways or by simply searching the term ‘Amazon discount code’. Use it to get 5-30% off the price tags. Amazon can also be set to notify you if the longed product’s price arrives at a pre-set level.

PriceBlink: Check their browser extension that can be calibrated to notify you if the chosen item is cheaper at another seller. If you have an online coupon or discount code, don’t forget to subtract its amount of the original price, because its rate won’t be taken into consideration.

RedLaser: This application uses your phone to scan the barcode on the items package and uses that information to search for better prices. The funniest situation can occur if the chosen product is offered cheaper by the same retail shop online or at another of their local stores. Try the product, check it out in person, then use this tactic to get it at a discounted price.

SaleSorter: On the road and up for shopping? SaleSorter uses your location data to search for discounts near you. It works like any other digital coupon app, but its contents are adapted to your whereabouts.

The offline secret

Extreme couponers’ offline secret to high discounts is simple: networking. Newspapers, online promotions, brochures are available for everybody. The most experienced and best-performing couponers build a personal connection with store managers or other employees, who often notify them in advance when to arrive and what to buy. And they definitely don’t forget that store managers are empowered to additionally decrease prices to achieve never-before-seen rates.