How to get coupons and save money

Since March 2020, e-commerce is skyrocketing, while we converge away from physical shopping. It still represents a significant amount of all buying activities, but due to the pandemic, we think twice before going out in the mall. This is the best time to master the art of smart shopping. Let’s see how to get coupons and save money with them!

Ask about the loyalty program

It might sound obvious or even cheesy, however, the reality is that more stores offer discounts that we know about. Many of them do not have the budget to promote vouchers or even operate a loyalty program but are willing to give significant discounts for the customers brave enough to ask them.

Next time you visit your favorite shop, ask them if they have any discount coupons or sale program, you might end up being surprised.

Shopping Mall coupons

The biggest shopping malls often advertise shopping mall days, often called coupon days, or sale week. During these periods all, or at least most of the stores offer their products and services at a promotional price. Shopping malls print out coupon booklets, in which you can find all participating brands and what you can buy with a more affordable price tag.

Coupons in retail apps

Many stores, like Target, Walgreens, or even restaurants, like McDonald’s, have their own mobile applications. The sole purpose of the apps is to manage customer behavior and focus their attention on buying a product or shopping more often. The application notifies you when a new item is getting a discount, so you can either buy it online or visit the local store, and show the coupon in the app.

Check your local newspapers

Targeting seniors, printed media is still one of the major sources of coupons in 2020. Sunday is the usual time for the new vouchers and discounts to be promoted, to prepare customers for the next week and leave time for everybody to schedule the necessary (or impulse) shopping.

Credit card promotions

Many banks offer credit cards to their clients, which often come with a cashback feature. This means that if you use the card to buy a certain set of products and services, the bank will give back an average of 1% after each purchase. This promotional incentive is not available with standard bank cards, so you need to realize shopping using your credit. The banks get more usage, you get a small portion of your spending back - it is a win-win situation.

Use promotional time periods, like Black Friday

This tactic is more or less limited to smaller stores: ask the employee or cashier in the shop to reserve the wares you have laid eyes on. Try the clothes, choose the right color, make sure that the product is a great fit in all ways. Many times, you can ask the shop to reserve the chosen goods for you until a day or to, and if you buy it during Black Friday, you will get a more significant discount compared to any other usual weekdays.